Illuminat bar table, counter, lounge furniture-BATTERY LIGHTS


The TUUBA Light remote is a solid and functional under table lighting with a rechargeable battery and a radio remote control for professional use. It creates a pleasant and sufficient light and was especially designed for our TUUBA tables. Even with a print on translucent film across the entire surface of the tables this lamp creates an excellent light. Of course, you can assemble this under table lighting as a single unit for other applications as well. Simple colour filter transparencies enable an illumination in different colours. As an illuminant an effective energy savings lamp is used that can be switched on or off directly at the device or by radio remote control. Even without intervisibility the switching of the lamp is possible over a distance of 30 metres. Single lamps can be selectively addressed or as an entire group. Longer distances can be bridged without any difficulty by the additional use of a repeater. The installed batteries can be recharged around 300 times by the supplied recharger within 6 hours. The batteries have an automatic total discharge protection that switches off the lamp after 8 hours. If the battery power is not fully used the lamp should be fully recharged immediately. The provided lead-gel-batteries do not have a memory effect and can be recharged more often if the battery power is not fully used. For further information to service and maintenance please refer to the instructions for use, available on the internet.






The classic one and the leader without kabel in the color of your event .



For exhibitioning, presenting and promoting- stylish with TUUBA Vitro



Timesless design in lounge area- every color selectable.