Accessories Bar Tables


Accessories Bar Tables

Vacuum Lifting Pad

The TUUBA bar tables have a table top made of acryl glass which is inserted in the table. The table top can only be lifted by the use of a vacuum lifting pad and therefore an unwanted removal of the top can be avoided. The inlaying of the table tops with the help of the vacuum lifting pad is also made easier considerably. When buying a TUUBA table a vacuum lifting pad is always included in delivery.

Table Tops

Substitute table top for TUUBA bar tables made of cast acryl glass, double-sided satined. Available for TUUBA 500 or TUUBA 600. The table tops are for double-side use, i.e. if your table top shows signs of normal usage just clean this side and insert the bottom side as the new side. The TUUBA table tops can be cleaned easiest with commercially available glass- or citrus cleaners. Alternatively to the satined acryl table top we can offer a glass table top made of laminated safety glass (in German called VSG) by the usage of an inserted milky-white foil. Hence, the table top is of double-sided glass. Such a table top is more sensitive and less suitable for frequent transport. However, for smoking areas or for usage with a required permanent cleaning the glass top table is more appropriate. In case of damaging the table top the safety glass is designed not to shatter but crack or fracture when hit and the pieces of glass are bound by the inserted foil so they cannot go flying and hurt people.


The table is safely transported in a tailor-made bag with handles.






The classic one and the leader without kabel in the color of your event .



For exhibitioning, presenting and promoting- stylish with TUUBA Vitro



Timesless design in lounge area- every color selectable.