Entire Surface Caption



If you choose an all-over caption covering the entire surface of the table you will have almost 2m2 of design flexibility for your branding. Your drawings or characters are printed on a light-transmissive foil in high resolution, are then covered by a laminate for protection and will be applied on your table. Finally, it is neatly fixed and the resulting bond seam is hardly to be seen. TUUBA GmbH has an own advertising and signage department that adapt your advertising messages, logos or motifs exactly to their application. We deliver our products with full print according to your CI or on the basis of your input. No additional logistics is necessary. In case of a rental query it is not necessary to remove the caption by the client – this is included in our service. If you plan to apply our products more often we will offer you our storage service for all-over brandings free of charge. We are looking forward to hearing from you and we will consult you comprehensively.






The classic one and the leader without kabel in the color of your event .



For exhibitioning, presenting and promoting- stylish with TUUBA Vitro



Timesless design in lounge area- every color selectable.